Netflix Makes Someone’s Year/Decade/Life

Had someone point out Netflix’s $175 September puts today after the company’s drop. Check it: 143x. Not a bad one-day return for a day/week/decade/life.

Nflx 175s


  1. I'm not much of an investor in such random stocks, but I am an online subscriber. It boggles the mind how the PBS Teddy Roosevelt's "Life in Badlands" is not downloadable on Netflix. It is a backwater show, probably costing nearly nothing to Netflix. I get to download 400 Hawaii-Five-O and Rockford Files episodes, but that stuff is kind of stale after watching about 3.

    The guys at Netflix get to dial a knob from 1 to 10 on a daily basis. Old contracts expire every week, they sign new contracts every week. To get the selection I have right now, the clowns over there moved the dial to "1" last week. Selection changes every day, and today IT SUCKS! $7.99/month for this crap? Um, they better fix that ASAP.

  2. MarketSniper says:

    Captain HINDSIGHT strikes again! :-)

  3. Yikes. The customer support has gone dead (or the same thing as an impossibly navigatable phone tree). It really is astonishing the collapse of NETFLIX within the past 24 hours. You can't call them. You can't watch a good selection of movies. Okay, so what is NETFLIX claiming they are doing? Game freaking over.

  4. Sony Network updated their version. Spend time updating your profile and reading another 5K contract to play *any* Netflix content. You can't play Netflix on PS3 without going through their weekly Playstation*Network contract agreements. Great, ding me with another -1 for that observation. Ignorance is bliss. The company is dead. You can't even zip through today's PS3/Netflix contract in less than 30 seconds on a PS3. Unbelievable. And Dead.

  5. Try actually catching one of these without some inside info.

    you’ll spend 1000 units to catch the 150-1 shot.

    quick way to the poor house

  6. If you guys check out you will see the complaints are absolutely piling up. I would short this thing all the way down.