Jeb Corlis — PoV HD Wingsuit Flying

WIld mix of PoV video, Jeb Corliss interview and general wingsuit zen. Take the HD feed and flow it to fullscreen.


  1. The flyby shot with the balloons is simply incredible. You forget how fast they are going until you see something like that.

  2. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Very "a propos" given the markets…

  3. Sure, we're all going to die someday, but what's the big hurry.

  4. interesting "tell": when he's describing the jump off Telekom Malaysia in KL, Roberta is NOT enjoying listening to this part of the tale from Jeb! Even in this level of adrenaline junkie-ism, women and men are different. Vive La Difference.

    (Aside: Good thing, he's not jumping in the nylon wing suit in KL because the adrenaline wouldn't be enough to overcome the discomfort of wearing a plastic bag over your whole body in 90 degrees and 90% humidity weather!!)

    Finally, since you posted Jeb Corliss a second time after "grinding the crack" i just HAD to look into how this dude PLANS the jump! ? What sort of PhD in physics told him that hitting the balloon point in the above video with oh 3 feet to spare, after a fall (flight?) of maybe thousands of feet, would actually work out?

  5. The guy-diver was so obnoxious I couldn't finish the whole thing. I like Mr. Kedrosky's blog but sometimes it is kind of mean-spirited, Paul. I hope you're doing alright. I worked at the Mill, DEC, early on–St. Bridgets, actually, just across the mill pond. On the beach in Mexico, Gary