Bloomberg to Congress: U.S. Riots Ahead

I have forecast that we’ll see economically-driven U.S. riots by 2013. It seems I’ve been joined in that belief by Michael Bloomberg:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned Congress Friday, saying members should expect riots if the nation’s rate of unemployment remains above 9 percent.


“We have a lot of kids graduating college, can’t find jobs,” Mr. Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show. “That’s what happened in Cairo. That’s what happened in Madrid. You don’t want those kinds of riots here.”

via Michael Bloomberg to Congress: Time to expect riots | The State Column.



  1. Why 2013?

  2. Hire some of the potential rioters as security guards and let them deal with the rest of their cohort. Mayor Bloomberg and the rest of his elite can sleep sound as bedbugs.

  3. What an ass.

    Hopefully Teterboro Airport is sacked before hizzoner can flee to Bermuda.

  4. Ok, fine, but how do you actually boost short term and medium term employment amongst the currently unemployed?

  5. Kids getting out of college? the unemployment rate among the 4-year college educated is 4%. Worry more about the majority of Americans who don't have 4 year college degrees.

    • that rate is only for graduates who have found a job and then lost it. if you never had a job, you are not considered in unemployment numbers.

  6. There was a time when I thought this guy would make a great third party presidential candidate. His robot like pragmatism was refreshing. I don't think it's productive for the Mayor of NYC (or any Mayor) to ramble on about bombastic "what if", scenarios. I have an 83 year old father that serves that role just fine.

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