Twitter Digest: 2011-08-21

  • Am also increasingly sure sudden abdominal fat in middle-aged males is really just a dislocated ass. Should be treatable, like a trick knee. ->
  • Increasingly convinced asslessness in males is the cause of aging, rather than other way around. Terrible affliction. ->
  • Am on SkyWest flight that's code-shared as United by Continental. Bet that's what they told Flight 19 over Bermuda Triangle in 1945 too. ->
  • Alone on a sun-blasted airport shuttle with Barry White blasting over top of a/c. As auguries go, it's a downer doozie. ->
  • UBS' George Magnus On Marxist Existential Crises And The "Convulsions Of A Political Economy" – /via @nouriel ->
  • Partly at @wrongologist's urging, am reverting to childhood and reading "The Golden Compass". ->


  1. So Crates says:

    Ah, that ignored tragedy, Male Pattern Ass Loss.