Twitter Digest: 2011-08-04

  • FT reporting tonight that John Paulson's main fund — of billions-betting-against-subprime fame — is down huge 21.6% ytd. ->
  • Drudge goes apeshit on days like this, with headlines like DOW PLUMMETS 512 followed by OBAMA HAS BBQ COOKOUT. What about OBAMA USING VERBS? ->
  • Given BNY Mellon's new fees on people wanting to deposit large amounts of cash, does anyone have good data on recent cash flows? ->
  • For those of you looking for good news, especially on the havens front, S&P just raised Fiji to a B sovereign rating. ->


  1. Regarding the deposit tweet, I think the that's a symptom of a self-inflicted wound to the economy. I am searching for the flow data now. In the meantime, here's blog post I wrote on the subject, if posting a link is okay.

    Please delete this comment if the link violates your rules for commenting. Don't want to be seen as a troll.