The Decline Thing

The cover of next week’s TIME:



  1. Donna Miscolta says:

    Makes for a dramatic magazine cover . . . and that's about it.

  2. Adidas can't be too happy

  3. I'm pretty sure this means that Europe is on the edge of an unprecedented recovery.

  4. So Crates says:

    I see all the hallmarks of Third Reich anti-Semitic propaganda posters from the 19302, but this time demonizing minorities of color. I suspect that, world wide, minority populations are in for some very difficult years. It's clear in the US that the Tea Party has targeted minority economic safety nets for elimination.

  5. Gee, there are some riots in England and Europe as a whole is in decline? Is this a feelgood article fr Americans?

  6. So Crates,

    Rioters are mainly white kids (side by side with some of colour) pissed off at the police and the evil "rich". This doesn't seem to be a racial thing at all.

  7. Time to buy

  8. To paraphrase Black beard the pirate, the only bad publicity is no publicity. What a publicity coup for this corporate! If rioting becomes the norm will we all be kiting up in Adidas track suits as the new must have outfit…..
    I can't see a renewed wave of repression being a solution to the underlying cause that affects youth to the point where they have no stake in the system…. and I don't think the current rulers of society do either…….