The Black Cod Currency Index

Cute: Using Nobu prices to do cross-currency comparisons.

Black cod w. miso, dollar-adjusted local price

Russia: $66.03
Great Britain unweighted average: $57.09
South Africa: $54.29
UAE: $50.37
Australia: $44.61
China: $43.53
Hong Kong: $41.00
Hungary: $40.89
Japan: $39.26
Bahamas: $29.83
United States unweighted average: $26.38

via FT Alphaville » Introducing: the Black Cod Index.


  1. I think I like the big mac index a bit better. You generally don't tip at McDonald's. I'm assuming that the waitstaff at Nobu in the U.S. would be pretty irate if you didn't include the standard 15-20% tip on your meal.

    I guess it gets messier still with sales taxes, but that's true for McDonald's as well…