Silicon Valley Asset Sales, Then and Now

I’m not sure what to be more chagrined about in this interview with a Silicon Valley econo-undertaker, that he anticipates so few assets in upcoming bankruptcy sales, or that those assets mostly include patents and IP.

In terms of the younger companies, what do you have to unwind exactly? What sorts of assets do they have to sell off?

Things have definitely changed. I remember in 1999, 2000, I would sell a used server for $35,000 and I had a line of people wanting it. Today, a server is $5,000 and you can get an okay server for less than $2,000. [In the meantime], we’ve probably become one of the largest sellers of [intellectual property] in the country. We sell tons of IP, and as you know, the IP wars have started, so we play with the big guys, the little guys, and the in-between guys.  During the last bubble, there weren’t as many patents. It was more ideas and URLs.

via peHUB » Silicon Valley’s Undertaker: ‘We’re Anticipating a Major Fallout’.