Moody’s is Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Moody’s is going to need a bigger boat:

My name is William J. Harrington. I was employed by Moody’s Investors Services (“Moody’s) as an analyst in the Derivatives Group from June 1999 until my resignation in July 2010.

Lots more in an SEC filing here. None of it good for Moody’s.


  1. Moody's is a bigger part of the corruption on Wall Street than any other firm. Why? Not becuase they told more lies than S&P and Fitch. Because Mark Zandy, who we often appears on the Wall Street shills CNBC, MSNBC, etc., is a part of Obama's economic team. Which means that our rapidly expanding expanding financial Banana Republic, with Barack Chavez Obama as the CFO (Chief financial obfuscator), will be insulated from the wrath that he and his firm's illusionary assessments deserve. How can anyone believe anything that these prostitutes say? William Harrington should be placed in the witness protection program. Surely, his unexplained death (assassination) is approaching.

  2. US starting to pressure and investigate rating organisations at about the same time as they are lowering US's ratings, not very surprising.