A Shortage of Energy vs A Longage of Expectations – Chris Martenson – Energy, Nate Hagens, Oil, Peak Oil

Good musings from Nate Hagen on energy, economics, etc.


  1. Nice quote from the link:

    " I mean, it’s very difficult to grasp that the biggest threat to the American way of life is the American way of life."

    But most of the rest was Kunstler style silliness.

  2. I liked:

    "So I’m not necessarily calling for a stock market crash in the next decade, but I am calling for within the decade we probably won’t have a stock market."

  3. He says we won't have a stock market by 2020. Do you agree, Paul? He strikes me as a guy who was a zealot for money in a past life, and is now a zealot against money. Still, zealotry.

  4. Hmm, the debate rages on – I have to admit, of the pundits whose opinions I follow on peak oil, I have always found Chris Martenson to be a bit to sensationalist for my tastes, despite the truly sensational nature of the problem.

  5. I think this misses how much energy is in energy and how much we can grow through conservation and that these will really be the growth industries of the future. Other than that it seems reasonable.

  6. this is spot on. problems in energy will manifest economically, growth has been the goal of every other civilization through out history. 7 billion is already too much, ecosystems are straining under the weight . we need a new goal instead of bigger we need better ,we need to regulate are own growth cooperatively world wide. . we are the only species that ever had a chance to do this because we can think critically. if we could do this the human race would have truly taken hold of its destiny it is no small task. if we cannot regulate our own numbers war famine and pestilence will do it as they are tasked by nature.

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