Tim Harford on Error and the God Complex

My twitter friend @timharford talking at TED Global 2011 this week about error and the “god complex”. Worth a watch.


  1. Funny friend if you don't even know his name. It's Tim Harford, without a T. Same for his twitter.

  2. Interestingly enough, our brain learns through a trial-and-error process via dopamine feedback mechanisms

  3. Saxophone says:

    He seems to have kind of defeated his point by talking about the difficulty of making "good mistakes" at the end. The whole point of trial and error is that you don't know which errors will be productive and which ones won't. To even guess requires some thinking, which Harford does not mention as part of the trial-and-error process. In truth, the trial process ought to be informed by the best theory available, which is then repeatedly tested and revised.