Obesity Rates in U.S.: Only Colorado Left under 20%

From a new Robert Wood Johnson report on obesity in America, the only state in the union that still has an obesity rate under 20% is Colorado. Remarkable/awful.



  1. charlie says:

    so, basically colorado 2010 equals Mississippi in 1990?

    More evidence that southern style BBQ is destroying the country.

  2. It's called ageing.

    • Killick says:

      Suspect it tracks more closely with poverty. Look at the obesity rates by income.

      • troutcor says:

        The economic function of the working class used to be to perform labor. Now its function is to consume (junk).

  3. Exactly. There's lots of places to poke holes in these data sets. Aging is certainly one of them.

  4. the window washer says:

    Look like I can have another beer, I'm in Denver.

  5. tyaresun says:

    Poor Mexican immigrants? Aging? Wage stagnation making exercise and healthy food unaffordable?

    Don't blame the victims!

    • Danny L says:

      "Victims?" Really?
      When's the last time that someone made your food choices for you?

  6. This is bad! My wife, at 5'3'' and 115 pounds after 3 kids seems rail thin to me but she is actually close to normal in a recently bygone era.

    Our kids come up a bit underweight on the growth charts but maybe that is a good thing considering where the growth charts come from, a 2000 average of the population.

    (1) Sloth
    (2) More sloth
    (3) Aging
    (4) Decline in smoking
    (5) An Era of Plentitude (time was obesity was a mark of status, i.e. Wall Street fat cats)
    (6) Abundance of entertainment, games, TV, Internet

    Well so far America is holding up remarkably well in life expectancy. That will be the thing to watch.

  7. It should be noted that American life expectancy was 75.2 in 1990 and is 78.7 in 2009.

    Skinny Afghanistan is stuck at 44.3. Meanwhile, skinny Japan sets the worldwide upper bound at 82.9, but they had longer life expectancy in 1990 than we have even today.

    (Source: Google charts from Worldbank data)

  8. (1) gov't pushes high carb agenda + bad science
    (2) conventional wisdom = nutritional ignorance
    (3) sugar/flour > low satiety > more sugar/flour
    (4) metabolic derangement, do not pass go

    From 1971 to 2000, obesity rates in the United States increased from 14.5% to 30.9%.[73]

    During the same period, an increase occurred in the average amount of food energy consumed. For women, the average increase was 335 calories per day (1,542 calories in 1971 and 1,877 calories in 2004), while for men the average increase was 168 calories per day (2,450 calories in 1971 and 2,618 calories in 2004).

    Most of this extra food energy came from an increase in carbohydrate consumption rather than fat consumption.[74]"

  9. Politicians can raise a lot more money to spend on getting re-elected via “farm policy” as opposed to “food policy.” The latter is gaining recognition as something to think about thanks to people like Michael Pollan and deserves an NRA-caliber pressure group.

    The graphic would be so much more valuable if it were broken down by counties rather than states; and regardless if the size of whatever unit reflected population rather than physical area. Better yet would be adding some acknowledgement of where economic activity happens by recognizing big city cores and their inner and outer suburbs. Can’t we please have a new normal on that sort of thing when mapping data?

    BTW tonight in twilight out walking the dogs I was overtaken twice, on dirt and pavement, a mile apart, by a pack of four 12-year-old boys riding the most un-ergonomic bicycles ever devised by Satan, shirtless in swim-suits and not much fat to be seen. I’m pretty sure they had a good ways yet to reach home, and the swimming hole was likely a couple of miles from where I met them. Their parents deserve a medal.

    • Danny L says:

      And for every 4 boys you see out on their bikes, there are 40 inside playing World of Warcraft and eating pizza bagels. Fat parents result in fat kids. This will only get worse.

      We've gotten so good at keeping fat people alive that the populace isn't even scared of it anymore. Heart attack at 45? Who cares! Cheney's had 5 and he's still kickin'!

  10. Chante smith says:

    this is why i am also proud to live in Colorado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!