Niall Ferguson on the U.S., Debt, etc.

Long interview (audio-only) with Niall Ferguson about the U.S. education, debt, etc. I haven’t listened to this yet, so feel free to add a summary in comments. [-]


  1. Bruce Ross says:

    The only viable way to cut the American debt is to sell off our highways and public lands to Asian sovereign wealth funds.

    And he thinks raising taxes is enough is politically unviable.

  2. Something tells me that a few Americans would outbid the A S W F 's for glacier, yellowstone, and the grand canyon NP (the last would probably go to germans, they are nuts for the GC NP.)

    If the parks and federal lands come up, that is when the gun toters will start to bang pots and pans, and the bandoliers and bullets come out

  3. apropos to selling the US… check out the uncanny resemblance to original American Gothic:

    not sure if he is ready to cry or not… crocodile tears?

    Privatize everything the invisible hand is busy stacking the deck!

  4. Greetings from New Zealand, Paul. I enjoy your site. Unable to activate the audio link to Ferguson interview. Do you have another external URL I can try? Thank you. Marc

  5. Where's the link to listen to this?

  6. This interview was originally conducted back earlier this year (March I believe)