Monthly Parking Rates Worldwide: From Mumbai to London

Great graphic of urban monthly parking rates worldwide. [-]

Parking Rates Worldwide pg

[via Urban Demographics]


  1. nitinbadjatia says:

    Interesting indeed. A side observation to the graphic, the six lowest cost locations are also the six most likely places that you'll have a driver driving your car. I'm not sure what the correlation is between having a driver and low parking rates, but I'm sure someone with free time on their hands could find a connection.

  2. It's a chart, but it's not much of a chart. I have no idea what the y axis is, do you? I assume that it's adjusted for some sort of local cost of living measure. Also, what's with the colors?

  3. What happened to Monte-Carlo?

  4. Vodka Major says:

    Strangely, they've skipped over some of the cities, like Calgary, at spot 21. Not sure which city was supposed to be in spot 10?

  5. Wonder if there's a correlation to public transportation efficiency…