Me TV: Debating Not-Com Bubble Thing

My friend Vivek and I (and Emily and Cory) sharing a few moments on Bloomberg TV yesterday discussing, ahem, the not-com bubble/expansion/convulsion/thing. Good fun.


  1. Great clip, very interesting stuff. @11:40 Can anyone clarify what "citing Gramma" refers to?

    "Right now we're all too smart for our own good, we're all too quick with the metaphors and the analogies back to '99, we're all citing Gramma (sic?) too often and trying to protect too many people, so it won't play out that way."

    • Paul Kedrosky says:

      Thanks. I think I was referring to Vivek's constant reference to oursupposed need to protect octogenarians from hypothetical losses fromstocks that they shouldn't own anyway,

    • Gandma Millie wants her money back. Bwahahaha!

    • Bah, just posted this response to the same question on Youtube, should have checked here first. :-)

      @johnacoogan it's "citing Grandma". Paul thinks Vivek is making a straw-man argument that we need to protect unsophisticated investors (i.e. "Grandma") from any bubble but capital markets just don't work that way. There are some restrictions on who can trade what but if a company is listed there is very little we can do to stop anyone firing up eTrade and buying shares at inflated prices.

  2. Thanks PK! I've been looking for the Shumpeter was Right! pitch for technology. Am going to unabashedly seal your words – Entrepreneurs are crazy people; they believe in the impossible; it's animal spirits; don't buy tech if you want cheap. Yea! Well said!

  3. the window washer says:

    This was what pundit TV should always be like. You both did a great job. The Bloomies did a great job setting the stage and keeping thing moving.

  4. Paul – The essence of technology markets is to be full of hype? ie. irrational?

    Why can't technology markets be rational?