Me on Job Creation

Me opining on job creation over at The Atlantic:

It is easy to get cynical about job creation. There are, after all, many incoherent policy suggestions about dealing with the worst job market in the U.S. since the Depression. However, they range along a continuum between “do anything” and “do nothing”, with brief forays into self-serving tax policy. It is wearying and nihilism-inducing.

via Use These 4 Cheap, No-Nonsense Ideas – Paul Kedrosky – Business – The Atlantic.


  1. Chain Man says:

    There are far too many starry-eyed employment regulations required by government. It’s time to get real and dump them. Lawyers have had a hay day pumping all the pre-employment, post-employment, quotas, affirmative action, criminal background checks, healthcare regulations, multiple tax regimes, benefit repercussions, insurance requirements, rising wage minimums, sexual harassment laws, privacy laws, and rules for your partner, fartner, gartner, — the list goes on. Who wants to hire. It’s too much trouble. Just keep the profits in the bank until you can afford to buy another robot.

  2. The most effective jobs program was also one of the least expensive – the census. Too bad there isn't anything useful for them to do.

  3. matcohen says:

    Bravo – finally a debate about what we can do to create jobs as opposed to the zero-sum focus of many in power. I would allow anyone who can get an job paying $75k plus in and give them citizenship after 5 years. Get 10 million of them *$30k per year in taxes. That's $3 trillion over 10 years before multipliers. Makes the whole deficit debate seem stupid. We are focusing on the wrong thing – how to increasingly screw the successful as opposed to how we can get more of them.