Latest Dan Loeb Love Letter

Dan Loeb of ThirdPoint writes to President Obama. He is apparently not counting on going to the White House Christmas party.

Third Point’s 2nd-Quarter 2011 Investor Letter


  1. Somehow I suspect his criticism would be less harsh if his performance this year were better. Nothing like blaming "the authorities" when results are weak (even if he makes some valid points).

  2. This reads like your typical right-wing rant. I see the same, unremarkable talking points on the Sunday morning TV shows. All this says to me is that a right wing hack runs this fund.

  3. Mean Mister Mustard says:

    This sounds a lot like fund marketing: the whining about "redistributing outcomes" (whatever that means) is a great dog whistle for everyone that thinks the U.S.'s problems began with Obama.

  4. The comments above couldn't be further from the truth. Loeb was actually a BIG supporter of Obama prior to the election, among the plethora of HF managers hosting $1k per plate fundraisers.

    Dan Loeb a right-wing hack? Not even close.

    • Mean Mister Mustard says:

      So Loeb IS getting invited to the White House Christmas Party? That's wonderful!

  5. jeff norman says:

    If Obama has acted like he wants to redistribute wealth, it is from the middle class to the wealthy, not the other way around as Loeb suggests. Consider Obama's support for extending the Bush tax cuts, willingness to put SS and Medicare on the table when no other Democrat was even thinking like that.

    Loeb is a smart guy, but way, way off base here.

  6. Michael M says:

    Blasting the President for class warfare in a letter to investors in an OFFSHORE hedge fund….only in America.