Comparing the Dot-Com and Not-Com Bubbles

Great graphic from Tableau comparing the Dot-Com and Not-Com bubbles: [-]


  1. Alex Keirn says:

    Paul, to get rid of the space that gets added (it's a wordpress/tableau problem), you need to remove the whole div section that has this as an ID: "tableau_hide_this".

  2. Certainly illustrative of more substantive companies, but more metrics like
    operating profits (losses), EBITDA, EBITA, Free Cash Flow, Cash Flow from Operations, Net Income (can always add with caveat) would provide more detail on valuation questions- obviously market caps, enteprise values, etc would be helpful as well. Using one metric or chart is simple, but Mr.Kedrosky knows that- he is pretty rigorous.
    Yale Bock, CFA
    President, Y H & C Investments