World’s Largest Countries Thru 2050: Russia vs Nigeria

Remarkable data in U.S. Census projected country populations through 2050. Check the rise of Nigeria, versus the collapse of Russia and disappearance from the list.



  1. wtf Mexico? –> United States?

  2. As we enter the era of peak oil it seems possible that poorer countries will be under severe Malthusian duress. As it stands now, 60% of an average Indian's spending is due to commodities themselves, and this is surely the norm in most countries on the list.

    Life expectancy in many, many African countries has moved backward since 1980 due to AIDS and many other things. Trees do not grow to the sky. When in Chennai my strong sense was that most people were 'off the grid' and that true birth and death rates in such a country are impossible to know. My guess will be that, come 2050, we will count the people in Nigeria, arrive at much less than 400 million and wonder what happened? A number of these countries are under total Malthusian duress in 2011.

  3. James Cameron says:

    Here's a different presentation:

    showing some additional countries, including EU members. Vital economic and social policy implications, of course. The Census Bureau data is here:

  4. so how was that calculated?
    i hope not by just forwarding existing trends?