Updated: Vancouver Riots 2011, Redux

“The future belongs to crowds”.
– Don DeLillo, “Mao II”

The destruction, which led to police reading the riot act, was worse than the June 1994 Stanley Cup riot in downtown Vancouver after the Canucks lost in the seventh game of the final in New York against the Rangers.

“Definitely more looting … went on,” said CBC reporter Alan Waterman, who covered both riots and was taken to hospital this year.

“We never saw the sort of looting in ’94 that we did this time. We saw scores of people just racing into stores and coming out with armloads, armloads of electronics — iPods and gold watches, we saw go by, and perfume. Anything in the major stores display windows was gone.”


[Is this first one a Photoshop? It feels like one, but it showed up on the CBC website. More here.]

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  1. Canadians constantly bash the U.S. for being jingoistic and violent. It seems they have the same impulses after all.

  2. Mark Zuck says:

    As a Canadian and former Vancouver resident, please let me apologize on behalf of my country and the city. I am ashamed and disappointed.

  3. I took a holiday from England to Vancouver a couple of years ago. I walked around the city in the early hours of the morning due to jet lag. I didnt feel threatened at all but this shows a different side to the city. It is a real shame this has happened in such a fantastic, beautifull city, one of the finest i have ever been to. I`m from Manchester, England and know all about riots, but over hockey, i`m amazed some people can be so sad.

    • A lot of us believe this wasn't over hockey, but hoodlums bent on causing trouble – some came with gas masks, ready for a fight.,etc. They may have worn hockey jersies, but they weren't fans. As a Vancouverite, I'm heartbroken over last night. After a full day's work, my daughter had to walk over a bridge to get out of the downtown area and her boyfriend made her wear his bicycle helmet just in case. The damage I saw this morning when in to work,was disturbing,but there were everyday people out cleaning up. Alot of them were young people. I think in a few days, we'll start to see evenmore signs of the real Van people in action.

    • You're right, downtown Vancouver is safe. It just get's dangerous when people from Surrey enter it in large numbers after drinking a lot of alcohol.

      • Really as it seems that surrey was quite sedated and very quiet compared to down town we celebrated and then went home…. very sad but not destructive we had no riot no police incedents and we sent you our police to help out . As a city we should be united together to not to start blaming things on what you think is surrey's fault. Really is everything surreys fault ……….

  4. Oil Mongers Rock says:

    Wow, look at all those fires — looks like oil fields burning (omg, we're all going to die, the oil is vanishing by the minute, what will we do)?

  5. Vancouver Fan says:

    I was downtown before the game started and overheard a couple of young teenage girls between ages of 18-21 it seemed, talking about rioting. One girl said "I'll start a riot, I don't care!", to which the other responded "you don't have to ask me twice!"

    That may have been an isolated incident, but I think it is indicative that these losers who did riot probably planned to before the event. It's a small contingent of people. They're losers, not fans, and like in 1994 the rest of us real fans are hoping they get tossed in jail. Sadly they probably will not.

    Such a shame, and I'm 100% certain that it wasn't the downtown residents themselves. I live just on the outskirts of downtown and why would any of us want to damage our beautiful downtown core. These trailer park trash losers were certainly from surrounding area's. I won't comment on what part, but I'm sure local residents can guess.

  6. hockey fan says:

    It is pretty bad when you see photos of a couple of people during the riot that already have riot of 2011 already printed on their t-shirts, tell me this wasn't planned, these are the same pieces of garbage that travel to other cities to do the same crap, but they need to hide in a crowd so that they can get away with everything that they do. These people are the traveling cockroaches of the earth, they live off of the government and can't work or they would not be able to attend cockroach meetings and cause other cities grief, low lifes, scum bags, for these cockroaches the only answer is a 25 cent bullet, they are already a waste of space, so make some more room and give these scum bags what they have earned.

  7. It was preventable and it was known to happen and was going to happen.
    Everyone knew that.

  8. sweetnchilli says:

    Vancouver Police Department(VPD) got lax, complacent, etc. The Premier is a rookie and without the much needed foresight. VPD Chief is irresponsible for not being humble to admit being shortsighted and complacent and just chose to use the BLAME GAME instead .

    Rioters are MOSTLY WHITE MALES(I don’t really know if there are any other races). Non-active participants(bystanders gawking) are not entirely innocent as they chose not to ignore the scene in a sense that they should have walked away and just went home.

    Defenders(people trying to make sense to the rioters) may be naive for attempting to try to stop the rioters from looting, overturning vehicles, and protecting human lives(Bruins fans) BUT DEFINITELY NOT STUPID for doing so. The should be given good and positive recognition.

    Responders MAYBE self-righteous for not placing their self in bystanders perspective in that bystanders are still human for being unable to stay away from the ghastly scene.

    Unpredicted? Unlikely. Unprepared? Might be. Organized? Not by a long shot. Spoiled? Apparently. Sore-losers? Just human who are mostly intoxicated.

    “To err is human, to forgive is divine” ~ Alexander Pope