Today in Stating the Obvious

I can’t decide if it’s smart, obvious or just silly to point out that most of modern economic growth has happened in recent years, coincinding with longer lifespans. Let’s call it “smillious” and be done with it.

via Quantifying history: Two thousand years in one chart | The Economist.


  1. You missed the entire point.
    The chart is not circular nor pointless for the reason you are implying.

    The insight you are missing is the ratio of the light to the dark blue bars.

  2. Yeah the days of growth are over, unless we make some changes.
    Google search: DailyJobCuts

    We are not in good shape, and we need some policy that will turn stuff around

  3. Would be interesting if we were able to overlay a quantifying happiness chart over the top… I would bet that it doesn't coincide.