That Irritating “Is there anything I didn’t ask you?” Question

I’m entirely with Brad on this. I get this all the time lately, and the closing media/diligence “Is there anything I didn’t ask you”? question irritates the crap out of me.

Here’s why I think it’s a stupid question. You are calling me for diligence on someone. Presumably you have specific things you are interested in. You’ve either done research on our previous relationship or you want me to fill you in on that. You then use this to pursue whatever line of questioning you have. If you are inquisitive and capable of reasoning, my answers will open up more questions. Eventually you will have enough information or will have reached a conclusion. If I’ve been doing my job I’ve been concentrating on answering your questions, not trying to follow your path of inquiry.

Now, while we are at the end of the inquiry, you ask me an open ended question in search of something magical. Maybe I’ll finally tell you the deep, dark, negative secret about the person that I’ve been withholding. Or I’ll come up with some incredible insight about the person that hadn’t come out in your previous line of questioning. I suppose this happens occasionally, and maybe it’s worth asking the question just on the off chance that something yummy will pop out. But I just find this an annoying way to end the conversion, so my answer from here on out is “nope.”

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  1. Richard Hall says:

    Sounds like an innocuous invitation to talk about something you'd like to, but that perhaps wasn't covered in the previous questions. Replying "no" doesn't seem that hard.

  2. Richard Hausman says:

    I think this is a better ending question: "Is there anything you had hoped I would ask you but have not?" This gives the interviewee the opportunity to expand on something I may have not even thought to ask. Plus, it gives me, the interviewer, the opportunity to judge the resulting response against what I've judged about the candidate up to that point.

  3. Carl Mercurio says:

    You know what would make this argument stronger? If you guys started every sentence with the words, "In my day…."