Sports is Just a Game, Except When It’s Live?

Not sure I agree with this perspective on why live sports only work when live, but it’s interesting. I have watched events many times on delay — especially cycling, geek that I am — and I don’t care if it’s live, or if I know the results. That said, the perspective makes its own sense.

“If this game has already ended and I don’t know anything about what happened, it was probably just a game”: This sentence is so obvious that it’s almost nonsensical, but I suspect it’s the one point that matters most. It’s the central premise behind the entire concept of “liveness,” which is what this whole problem comes down to.

via Chuck Klosterman: Why the DVR robs sports of all of their drama – Grantland.


  1. This:
    pretty much encompasses all sports coverage for me, with the possible exception of really good kitesurf movies. 😉