Louis Theroux Visits Miami Mega-Jail

Part 1 of astonishing BBC documentary:


  1. So Crates says:

    It was funny watching the British interviewer start out with the 'but these men are innocent till proven guilty' outrage until it dawned on him that he was surrounded by monsters who would eat his flesh were he to be on the other side of the bars.

  2. patrick says:

    The Rikers Island series from the 90's is also very interesting. It has more grit but then it's New York.

  3. my God, how many junkies per square meter. when you think that they could have been saved if had a nice education when being kids. pitty.

  4. Astonishing that we let this happen in modern-day America. Like the mentally ill, we just them them twist in the wind and hope we never cross paths.