Fun in Roman Septic Tanks

I love archaeologists so much, mostly because they do stuff like this so we don’t have to. As an aside, I’m hugely fond of now knowing that Romans accidentally dropped stuff — gold ring? — in their toilets like we do iPhones.

Archaeologists found a treasure trove of everyday artefacts after digging up nearly 800 sacks of compacted human waste from the tank, which lies beneath the remains of a Roman apartment block in Herculaneum, destroyed after it was buried by ash from the volcano in AD79.

The British team has found hundreds of objects, including bronze coins, precious stones, bone hair pins and an exquisite gold ring decorated with a tiny figure of the god Mercury.

Close scrutiny of the composted human waste has revealed that the estimated 150 middle- and lower-class inhabitants of the three-storey block of flats had a much more varied diet than previously thought.

They regularly feasted on fish, spiky sea urchins, figs, walnuts, eggs and olives, using the olive pips as fuel in their homes.

via Dormice, sea urchins and fresh figs: the Roman diet revealed – Telegraph.


  1. cliffelam says:

    I bathed in a Roman Bath found under Istanbul by accident. I like to think I was a long line of guys losing sweat and cells into drains going gnu-knows-where….


  2. It appears that the ancient Romans read the latest fad diet books and adopted a Mediterranean diet as a result.

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