DIY Weapons

While the DIY/maker ethos is everywhere, I hadn’t thought through its consequences for weaponry. Enter, Libya. Check this photo set from The Atlantic. Astonishing.

For the past four months in Libya, rebel forces made up of civilians and army defectors have been waging battles against Muammar Qaddafi’s armed forces, holding their own and sometimes advancing with the assistance of NATO air strikes. Scrambling to arm themselves against mercenaries and a professional army, rebels have been making use of everything they can — from using captured weapons and munitions to rigging anti-aircraft guns and aircraft rocket launchers to the backs of civilian pickup trucks. Collected here are recent images of some of this weaponry used by the Libyan rebels. [34 photos]


via DIY Weapons of the Libyan Rebels – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic.


  1. the window washer says:

    Can't we get these people any safety glasses?
    Where's the outrage?