Aspen Ski Cabin, Cheap. $661. Hauling Extra

A 1950s-era tourist cabin for sale by the city of Aspen is proving most difficult to get rid of due to the high cost of hauling it away, although it’s still on the market if anyone is interested.

The Deep Powder cabins were part of Aspen’s lodging inventory for about 50 years, but were displaced by the redevelopment of the Limelight Lodge. Figuring there was historic value, the city saved two of the cabins, and has been looking for preservation-minded owners since 2006. The cabins have been sitting at the edge of Willoughby Park since then.

No one local could be found, so in March, the cabins were listed on, an eBay-like website for government property. The two cabins sold for $500.99 and $661. However, the buyer of the more expensive cabin pulled out, telling the city he could not get a permit to haul the 600-square-foot cabin across state lines. The buyer of the cheaper cabin is still planning to pick up his purchase, and will be breaking it up into pieces for the move to Divide, Colo., said city historic preservation planner Sara Adams.

via A tale of two cabins: History looking for a home — Deep Powder cabin a tough sell | Aspen Daily News Online.