What Wouldn’t Ben Stein Do

Words escape me:

What Would Ben Stein Do? : Applying the Wisdom of a Modern-Day Prophet to Tackle the Challenges of Work and Life

Ben Stein’s experience from Washington to Hollywood – and everywhere in between– makes him the ideal individual to offer advice to others. His expertise in countless fields make his valuable, keen observations – that  cover the range of topics and challenges that most people face every day — the perfect topic for his next book, What Would Ben Stein Do?: It’s a question we’d all be wise to ask ourselves when contemplating an array of issues in both business and life: What Would Ben Stein Do…

My question: What, apparently, wouldn’t Ben Stein do?


  1. Haha!

    I think he did this just to tweak bloggers like you and Felix Salmon. I can understand that you think he isn't all that, and I agree that he isn't all that. But this is more than that! You guys *hate* him!

  2. Seriously, there are millions of schlubs out there trying to sell something. What is it about him that gets your goat more than all the rest? I personally find Suze Orman to be like nails on a chalkboard.

  3. Michael says:

    This is the guy that compared people who believe in the Theory of Evolution to the Nazis, right?

  4. What Would Ben Stein Do sounds like a nightmarish version of the Chuck Norris "facts" that used to be popular. "Ben Stein doesn't buy stocks. Stocks pay Ben Stein for the privilege of being in his portfolio."

  5. Personally, when confronted with difficult and challenging situations I ask myself "what would Bugs Bunny Do?"

  6. ChiPaul says:

    Ben Stein is so 2003. These days I turn to The Most Interesting Man in the World for all of my investment advice.

  7. optimader says:

    Ben Stein is an idiot, never miss an opportunity to point that out

  8. Ben Stein is the gadfly pundit version of George W. Bush. His gaffes and pratfalls scale the heights of idiocy, leap the bounds of boorish, and transcend mere earthly descriptors such as "painfully grating tripe" to enter the realm of the exquisite.

  9. Carl Mercurio says:

    Granted. But I do give him credit for his book: "Yes, You Can Be a Successful Income Investor." There was some good advice in there — at least, when applied at the time I read it.

  10. he would figure out how to fuck it up, lose money, and violate all manners of ethical rules, all in the name of partisan stupidity.

  11. Really? Intense debate doesnt not allow the work For Unwed Carnal Knowledge? What a bunch of pussies

  12. Ben Stein and The Donald are two of a very dysfunctional kind. Be intensely grateful B.S. (he *so* deserves his initials, don't you think?) has not discovered that Anyone Can Run For President.

  13. lol he's really an all in one.

  14. A spoof aimed at gaining publicity. It clearly worked here.

  15. Ferris Bueller 2?

  16. How about selling down-and-out people, including veterans just off bases, a $19/month service to get their annual free credit reports from the 3 credit agencies? Is that something Ben Stein would do, wouldn't do, or something he couldn't pull off a deal to do?