Video: Mountain 1 – Snowmobile 0

Highmarking is the dopey practice of trying to see how high you can ascend on a steep mountain slope without getting stuck, flipping, or, say, causing an avalanche and dying.  Let’s just call highmarking a couloir, however, complete idiocy, as you’ll see at the end of the following sequence.


  1. Glad it wasn't me, but it was fun to watch!!

  2. Pete Warden says:

    It really needs a Benny Hill soundtrack. Amazing that nobody seemed hurt by the end, so many different opportunities.

  3. Hilarious, though I wondered why the person involved would post it.


  5. Andrew Schmitt says:

    I think he was trying to enter the Darwin awards.

  6. Man, what a ride! You gotta have a sack to ride up that one!

  7. Redneck's famous last words:

    "Here. Hold my beer and watch this!"

  8. I'm 3m says:

    What the video didn't show was that in the last ten feet his mullet got cought in the track and fliped him over. That will teach him to tuck in his mullet before he tries a stunt like that again…

  9. bill gate says:

    awesome camera work!