Remembering Mark Haines


  1. Classic Mark Haines. I posted a link to this video on the "Mark Haines will be missed" Facebook group.

  2. IntelligentInvestor says:

    I was sad to hear of Haines's death, but if the intention of this post was to remember him fondly, it failed. He sounded like an idiot in this debate. Regardless of your politics, Dr. Feldstein was far more informed on the subject.__Becuase all resources are scarce, the argument boils down to which entity you want to ration your health care: a monolithic government or a group of private companies competing to satisfy your needs in a free market. I would choose the latter every time. The wealthy vs poor argument that Haines tried to exploit is a red herring.

    • Paul Kedrosky says:

      It was mostly because I enjoyed Mark's combativeness with aNobel-winner in the exchange. While I'm sympathetic to the view thatthe private sector could and should be doing more in healthcare, Idon't agree that he sounded like an idiot. In Mark's memory, however,we can agree to disagree.

  3. Indeed a great loss for America

  4. Big help, big help. And spuearltvie news of course.


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