Further Field Notes: Oil, Retirement, etc.

  • Graphic: Oil exports, imports, and consumption (Source)
  • Past Peak Oil – Why Time Is Now Short (Source)
  • Oil hidden in shale sets off boom in Texas (Source)
  • Retire? Only in Europe … (Source)
  • Climbers on Aiguille du Midi (Source)


  1. cliffelam says:

    "The US has 3 years of Oil in the ground" – seriously? Does that exclude shale and underwater reserves?

    I guess it's some special Jed Clampett reserve – if you can't stumble upon bubblin crude with your shotgun…


  2. James Kohl says:

    > Past Peak Oil – Why Time Is Now Short

    That blog post was by Chris Martenson, a known oil worry wart. Chris may be well intentioned just as Al Gore appears to be well intentioned about climate change. But intelligent people also know Gore is not it for charity and prestige alone, he's sending his messages to effect change and make money. So why isn't anyone questioning what's in it for Chris Martenson or indirectly for Paul Kedrosky?