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Put this in the euphoria time machine right now. It’s a keeper: a visit to the “offices” of


  1. TripleB says:

    As a Palo Alto resident, this is spot-on. and Philz coffee shop is the bomb.

  2. Top coders in India come here to lead up a company to help people get laid. Doesn't anybody else see something wrong with this?

  3. The similarities between this culture and the life style of a drug addict…. 1) maximum productivity: coding 24/7 vs. looking for your next fix 24/7; 2) the rush of the next product milestone or breakthrough vs. rush of that next "big" hit; 3)absolute wreck of a house/apartment vs. wreck of a shack/box. Not saying it's a bad thing, just finding it a bit funny. however, is a great idea and great execution – kudos to everyone there. I'm just saying that while watching this, it occured to me how this situation compares mentally and hormonally with addition and drug use. But then, that's why the startup culture has worked in 1 out of 100 tries. It's the rush and reward of taking the risk.

  4. Might want to pull this down before the Palo Alto zoning folks shut them down…

  5. Hey Dudes at LAL, hire some chicks to help you for Christ sakes!
    Coding 24/7 without interaction with the opposite sex, you are going burn yourselves out!
    At least with women around maybe you clean up the place or they will do it!
    Also, find a women that will attract more investors!