David Brooks’ Weirdest Sentences

From the LRB, the weirdest sentences in David Brooks’ The Social Animal:

I’m writing this story, first, because while researchers in a wide variety of fields have shone their flashlights into different parts of the cave of the unconscious, much of their work is done in academic silos.

Imagine a man who buys a chicken from the grocery store, manages to bring himself to orgasm by penetrating it, then cooks and eats the chicken.

He wore a scruffy three-day growth of beard on his face, and his hair was perpetually shaggy, like one of those sensitive stud novelists at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

More here, if you can take it.


  1. David Brooks belongs in the same literary pantheon as the great Vogon poets!

  2. "On second thought, let us not go to Camelot. It is a silly place."

    • David Olive says:

      Some say the answer to every question is in Godfather I. Close, but not quite. It's Python that rules. Thanks for the reminder, JS.