Current & (Mostly) Recommended Books

Since people seem to like this sort of thing, a quick list of my current reading:


  1. Alright then I don't like the ski videos but all is forgiven with this list especially the link to the soccer book. Now I know what to ask for on Father's Day.

    • Paul Kedrosky says:

      The soccer book is seriously great, admittedly in a highly soccer geek sort of way,

      • Nice. I put the soccer book on my buy list!

        Given the current news…..have you also seen: "Premier Leech" or more presciently "Match Fixer", by Neil Humphreys? About the Greatest Show on Earth? That's NOT a dig BTW…I'm a huge soccer fan. Match Fixer beat today's headlines by almost 17 months.

  2. elanecu says:

    Thanks; an interesting list. The link to "Their Arrows" leads to "The Big Thirst". Thanks, too, for many other interesting threads during the past months.

  3. Gerd Gigerenzer also wrote an excellent book called "Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious" which talks about when to trust you gut. "Blink", by Malcolm Gladwell, is another great book on intuition.

    • interesting. will have to check it out too….. You know eastern philosophy teaches that there are 3 minds for human beings: the gut (instinct), the analytic mind (where most of day to day rational life/schooling etc resides), and wisdom mind, it also says that the analytic mind is also the most un-grounded and most flexible. Can do/justify anything.