Brazilian Bikini Wax Watch

One day bikini waxes in Brazil will be the only economic indicator anyone tracks:

“We have one of the highest demands for waxing in the world because of our climate,” Siqueira said in a telephone interview. “We have summer all year, we’re always wearing bikinis and miniskirts.”

One community listings website in Sao Paulo, Sampa Online, shows more than 90 waxing establishments.

At the Imaculada Hair and Makeup beauty shop in Brasilia, owner Alessandra Rita de Arruda Lopes says she’s raised the price [of bikini waxing] to 35 reais ($21.63) from 30 reais because “all my costs are going up.” The average price of the depilation procedure rose 12.4 percent in the year through April, the national statistics agency said last week.

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  1. TraderMark says:

    I thought I was at the Business Insider for a second, but then noticed you did not attach a bikini picture, so kudos. 😉

  2. Carl Mercurio says:

    The key implication of this article is that in Brazil women need a bikini wax even when they wear a miniskirt.