Bitchy Readers

I haven’t been paying attention, mostly because I’ve been busy elsewhere, but apparently there are some bitchy readers here. Some people seem to think I should stick to finance, others are tired of random skiing/avalanche/landslide/etc videos, and others are … just being bitchy.

To all of you feeling that way I have one thing to say: Piss off. I honestly don’t care what you’d like to see.

If you want someone who surveys his/her readership and provides that content for them, go to USA Today. Or maybe some other blog. Here I put what I want, when I want, about the things I’m interested in. If that cuts across geology, finance, backcountry skiing, extreme sports and whatever else, that’s the way it goes. And it’s not changing.

Love, Paul.


  1. derrick says:

    Glad to hear that this won't become the Huffington Post of business blogs……

  2. Right on. Personally I like the randomness.

  3. TripleB says:

    I like the randomness.

    One thing I haven't seen in a while that I liked was 'drive by economics' where readers talk about how the economy in their geography/business sector etc. is doing. Anecdotal, but fun.

  4. Paul Kedrosky says:

    Yeah, I've been meaning to do that again. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. cliffelam says:


    Like the SETI guys listening for wisdom in static, I think you over-filtered the noise part of the S/N band….

    I reccy more skiing and beer. Actually, that's a good idea all the time.

    I enjoy the blog the way it is. Not that anyone should care.


  6. Estelle says:

    I am also a loyal reader who enjoys and appreciates the randomness of your posts Paul, keep on randomizing! however if you ever do post something on Justin Bieber……..

  7. Paul- don't go changing, do it your way and go down blazing!

  8. No way! I read a fair amount of finance and I like the other stuff. I especially like the skiing! Keep up the good work!

  9. 1. Infectious Greed is one of the best, most intelligently random blogs on the interwebs
    2. It's f-ing free, so no one has any right to complain.
    3. If you still want to bitch about how you don't like it, save the effort. Nobody cares.
    4. If you still want to voice your small opinion, start your own blog.

  10. Not every post interests me, but so what? This isn't my blog. I do love the odd post here and there. Randomness has its value.

  11. I love your current mix of stories–keep it up Paul.

  12. Damn straight. It's not nice having a blog where you have to stress about pleasing various factions in your readership, especially when it's not your primary job.

  13. Darn Right. This is your party and your bully pulpit. Thanks for the variety.

  14. Keep it up! I tried to start a blog several months ago but got sidetracked with other projects.
    I would love a space to put what I want out on the web.
    If other people have a problem with your posts they don't have to read them! I'm a fan.

  15. Rock on, brother! I love it. Cheers, Richard

  16. Guest One says:

    Didn't realize I'd hit such a sensitive spot with my "once a finance blog, now a random collection of ski-videos" comment.

    No need to fly off the chain, Paul. Have a little self-restraint in the face of mild criticism. Apparently you have plenty of hot & willing readers validate your dalliances into ski-country.


    Guest One.

    • Paul Kedrosky says:

      No, wasn't actually that comment. Was some other nasty stuff, not allof which I let onto the blog.

  17. This is an A+ response to people telling you what your blog is about.

    Also, I don't view the blog as "random" — it's much more miscellany with a finance/economics focus. Random implies crazy shotgun, and this blog doesn't read like that to me. There's a worldview here, though I might have a hard time nailing down what it is beyond, well, have a look at 2 weeks worth!

    Keep at it!

  18. It's the unique connections between seemingly random and widely disparate topics that makes it all work.

  19. The blog’s not random. There are consistent themes, and they reflect your interest in bridging different world’s – finance, data, pattern-recognition of all stripes, and stuff that makes you say wow. I think it’s your adolescent streak that I like best. That and the Canada jokes. Yeah, your feed is in my finance and markets category. And it’s the first one I read, ’cause it’s more (and a lot more entertaining). Hey, you’re a Pete Warden fan. That says a lot. Lighten up, bitches.

  20. Piss off: Best advice ever.

  21. underwritingsolutionsllc says:

    "To all of you feeling that way I have one thing to say: Piss off. I honestly don’t care what you’d like to see."

    Rock on Paul. F**K 'em if they can't take a joke. Or the deviations from what THEY think YOU should write about.

  22. This post made me smile. Keep up the great work.

  23. As much as I enjoy the finance material, the randomness is what makes this a great blog.
    You will, of course. equally ignore this praise. :)

  24. [this is good]

  25. besanson says:

    Go Paul Go. Great Blog! An oasis in the financial jungle!

  26. Reese Mitchell says:

    Ya know it strikes me funny. If you gave the bitches what they wanted you'd be, what….B O R I N G…and of course that wouldn't satisfy them either. The only reason any blog is followed is because the blogger strikes a cord with the reader. So getting a little of this and that means the reader is really getting to know you a bit. Your comments reveal some the things that interest you and you loyal or even new readers find that interesting. All my Love, Peace and Chicken Grease.

  27. Actually what your indulging us in is your perspective of Mental porn. Based on the multiple positions your mind takes, seems like one kinky website ehhh!!! My complain is where is the nudity???

  28. @pkedrosky Is this supposed to be a blog about finance? 😉

  29. Danny L says:

    If I want straight financial news, I'll just read my WSJ or go to Bloomberg. You find things I'll never find otherwise, and an astounding fraction of what you post on here makes its way into conversation with friends.

    But I am a scientist who happens to be a skier, so I might be your core audience.

  30. Paul W says:

    Ha ha. Reminds me of "step off, George"

  31. John Minnihan says:

    Needs more cowbell

  32. At least you're flexible.

  33. Keep it the same. Some peeps would n
    Bitch bout anything.

  34. Good one! Especially the ending: "Love, Paul" :)

  35. More posts on things that piss you off please!

  36. Keep the blog posts coming, Paul. The range is fascinating. My only complaint is that I spend too much time reading the links you post. But that's my problem, not yours.

  37. People are always going to bitch. I remember in 2005 when there was a limited supply of "affordable housing" for the downtrodden. (you know, the ones that are fat, have iPhones, flat-screen TVs and central A/C) Now, of course, housing is too affordable. Be careful what you wish for. This blog without its variety would lose its differentiation. Keep it up, Paul.

  38. Hear hear. I assume you have been reading what JP has been writing recently about pheromones and filtering?

  39. Word Paul! The BMX videos you posted a while back were great!

  40. I like ski videos!

  41. I'm always reminded of this when I see that sort of comment.

    Keep the variety coming. Most people are (or strive to be) multi-faceted human beings.