Best Bad Startup Pitch Ever

I’m assuming this is a put-on, but it is the best bad startup pitch I’ve ever seen. It’s meandering, opaque and delightfully unwatchable, like something comedian Andy Kauffman might have done.

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  1. Imagine what Christopher Walken could do with this material.

  2. jimschwarz says:

    No passion. Other than that I have no concerns.

  3. nemo says:
  4. Walt French says:

    Look for a 3/1/2011 post by Michael Arrington @ TechCrunch.

    It may be a joke, but not sure who all is in on it.

  5. mark says:

    I'm not so sure it's a joke. The company's website is just a placeholder but does list Founders Fund as an investor and when I googled Founders Fund investing in that company, there were a lot of stories. I think the guy might just have been unprepared and perhaps not well suited to that environment. .

  6. sve says:

    I loved it! I think they should get $1M investment just for goof value. Who knows what new performance pieces Lumier will come up with. Lord knows money has been dumped with far less return (ex: $20M for Blippy).