Field Notes: IPOs, Aliens, GDP, Entrepreneurs, Degrees, Vancouver, etc.

  • Global World Product Will Not Grow at 4%+ for Five Years (Source)
  • Mississippi river flood status (Source)
  • SETI to stop its alien-seeking radio dishes (Source)
  • WEF report on entrepreneurship (Source)
  • Foreign buyers buoy Vancouver housing (Source)
  • More Working Women Than Men Have College Degrees, Census Bureau Reports (Source)
  • Google will modify its Rio maps and downplay favelas (Source)
  • The Netherlands Ranks #1 Worldwide in Penetration for Twitter and LinkedIn (Source)
  • Mississippi River Cresting Near Record; 2002 as Parallel (Source)
  • IPO filing activity surges; more than 30 companies file with SEC in April ((Source)

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