Field Notes: Floods, Tornadoes, China, Tail Risk, etc.

  • Preliminary rare EF-5 tornado in Monroe county Mississippi (Source)
  • Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service: Paducah: Mississippi River at New Madrid (Source)
  • Chinese Citizens on Tour in Europe : The New Yorker (Source)
  • Adventures in Domain Names: Follow the Typos – Bloomberg (Source)
  • Better a Seller Than a Buyer of Tail Risk, Be – Bloomberg (Source)


  1. Its not accidental that only two of the top 24 flood crest elevation are pre-1937.

    There has been so much levee building that the floodwaters now have nowhere to go.

    There is a reason that floodplains are called flood plains. The massive levee construction has long-term repurcussions on the entire river system and the adjacent lands, including the quality of the farmland in the floodplains.