Managing Millennials

Clay Shirky in McKinsey Quarterly on managing millennials:

A famous observation about the net generation, the millennials, is, “They’re doing Facebook at their desks on a Tuesday morning,” which is certainly true. One of the reasons for that is that they’re also being asked to use PowerPoint in their homes on a Saturday afternoon. If you went to any manager and said, “Would you offer your 25-year-olds the following bargain: no more Facebook at work, and in return for which, I won’t call you after 6 PM or on weekends or ask you to watch e-mail.” I don’t think the managers would make that deal.

I don’t disagree, but it’s not only them being asked to do same.


  1. there is a work perception that is different amongst millenials and older workers and managers. Younger generations have little reservations about asking questions and offering opinions. This is often misperceived by older managers as "pushing back" or being "difficult". The truth is that millenials just want further understanding and to be heard. Older generations grew up in a time when these things weren't well received in the workplace. It's important to listen and effectively explain situations and provide the "why's" of decisions not just the "what's". I don't believe in treating people any differently in the workplace based on their age, race or sex, or any cultural beliefs and habits they might carry with them in life.

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