Field Notes: Big Ideas, Obesity, Metafilter, Wind, P2P, Startups, Nukes, etc.

  • Americans Are Now Fat Enough to Need Bigger Buses (Source)
  • Inside the Bloomberg machine (Source)
  • Recession Caused Sharp Decline in Start-Ups (Source)
  • Lessons from MetaFilter (Source)
  • Reflections on Fukushima: A time to mourn, to learn, and to teach (Source)
  • With Limewire Shuttered, Peer-to-Peer Music File Sharing Declines Precipitously (Source)
  • [Selfishness, fraternity, and other-regarding preference in spatial evolutionary games (Source)
  • Early Warning: US Wind Energy Installations Collapsed in 2010 (Source)
  • Kathryn Schulz on the trouble with Big Idea books  (Source)
  • What is working for 9-1-1 really like? (Source)
  • MITEI | Research Major studies (Source)

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