Book Recommendations

I’ve been on a Kindle book binge lately, so here are a few I’ve read and can recommend:

Super and funny stuff on how a journalist became a star in the competitive remembering business.

Quirky, digressive and bleak wander through the backwoods of nuclear states.

Lovely and memorable travelogue through China during the biggest rural-urban migration in world history.

As the title suggests, chess grand master Bobby Fischer’s story. Remarkable, sad and penetrating.

Deep stuff from a biological polymath linking economics, biology and growth in unprecedented and important ways.

A self-help book disguised as a biography, or vice-versa, this is well-written, smart and compelling all the way through.

What we humans can learn from macaques relatives in our rise to global dominance.

Funny and culturally penetrating stuff in a quasi-memoir of entrepreneurship, writing and Korean culture.