Field Notes: Cascades, Water, Senate, Urbanization, Storage, Altitude, Bonds, etc.

This is (mostly) geeky recent reading of mine, but some may find it interesting:

  • Analyses of Seasonal and Annual Maximum Daily Discharge Records for Central Europe (Source)
  • Deciding Who Decides: The Content of Senate Judicial Confirmation Hearings (Source)
  • Track Globally, Deliver Locally: Improving Content Delivery Networks by Tracking Geographic Social Cascades
  • (Source)

  • Effects of urbanization on the behaviour of a keystone species (Source)
  • Caching your savings: The use of small-scale storage in European prehistory (Source)
  • The Genetics of Altitude Tolerance: The Evidence for Inheritance (Source)
  • Devil’s Bargain (Source)
  • Cairo (2011) is more like Tehran (1978-79) than like Berlin (1989) (Source)