Wikileaks-Inspired Phone Scam

This Wikileaks-inspired phone scam ranks up there with the post-financial crisis email spam that invoked Tim Geithner:

A caller reported she received an automated phone call telling her that her computer and IP address had been noted as having visited the Wikileaks site, and that there were grave consequences for this, including a $250,000 or $25,000 fine, perhaps imprisonment. It left an option for leaving a message as to how she was going to handle this and the fine payment. She figured it was a scam, and did nothing but hang up. It gave a number on caller ID of 852-604-4799. Reverse searches on the Internet don’t bring up anything but a couple subjective chat boards where people report similar calls.

[Spokane BBB via BoingBoing]



  1. This is a joke, my husband just got it, my son got an ap on his phone that will do this to people.