“When the Economy Picks Up”, For Fun and Merriment

The phrase “when the economy picks up” has apparently become ironic. Nice. The Urban Dictionary declared it Word of the Day today, and suggests it’s a handy-dandy way of saying “whenever”, pace the Spanish “mañana”.

when the economy picks up

January 10, 2011 Urban Word of the Day

Common beginning or ending to a sentence. It can serve to:

1. provide an excuse for why one has not yet done something.

2. suggest a vague intention of doing something later (similar to how Spanish speakers use the word “mañana.”)

3. add minimal credibility to an idea that is a pipe dream.

1. There’s no point in looking for a job until the economy picks up. 
2. I’ll start my business when the economy picks up. 
3. Unemployment levels will go back down to the levels they were in the late 1990s when the economy picks up.

Handy. Try it yourself: I’ll get better at golf when the economy picks up. Whoa, it works. I believe me!