Those Crazy Canadians and Their Real Estate Scams

This was a new one to me: A woman spotted a rental property on a classified ad website — but it was her own house. Read on:

Ann Limlaw found out about this latest online scam after privately listing her house for sale earlier this month on two real estate websites, and MLS. The listings included both details and photos from both inside and outside the home.

Last week her son, who was looking for a place to rent with his girlfriend, came upon a rental ad on Kijiji offering her home for rent, not for sale, using the very same photos.

… After determining that both websites she had listed her property with had nothing to do with the rental ad, Limlaw decided to contact the “renter” through Kijiji.

Through a series of emails, the scammer laid out a story: the family was leaving in a rush for missionary work in Africa and couldn’t sell the house, and was now trying to rent it

Included in the deal: utility costs and all the furnishings, right down to the utensils in the kitchen. Limlaw was invited to view the house on her own, but was told she could only drive by and not enter.

After asking more questions, the scammer stopped responding, and Limlaw notified authorities.

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