Playing the Gas Price Blame Game

GIven gas prices hovering over $90 and the continuing economic malaise being felt my many in the U.S., perhaps the only surprise is that these prices haven’t received more attention. The last time we breeched $90 on our way higher it was big news — today, however, less so.

Nevertheless, a recent Yahoo/AP story on current gas prices got more than 350 comments in a couple of days. I thought it would be interesting to do some basic analysis of the gestalt of these comments, without the agony of actually reading them. With some assistance, I scraped all the comments, and then created the following word cloud (using Tagxedo) of the resulting text. Draw your own conclusions about the reasonableness of the causes/consequences implicit in the figure, and whether people are prepared for price spikes higher yet, as I expect will be the case in 2011. [-]