Methulhexanmie Gets Performance-Enhancing Drug of Year

Not as closely watched as the Time magazine cover thing, but far more entertaining, is the performance-enhancing drug of the year award.

This year, there were two “nominees” for the Drug of the year category:  Clenbuterol was an option, courtesy Alberto Contador and the Tour de France.  This is certainly a topic we will cover later on in this 2010 recap, but for this category, we go with a stimulant, methylhexanamie, a drug that kept making appearances in 2010, before eventually hitting the news here in South Africa when two SA rugby players tested positive for it.

It is an especially interesting case because it stimulates (pardon the pun) a discussion around liability, “accidental doping” and most pointedly, the supplement industry, and how narrow a tightrope elite athletes sometimes walk with regards to supplement use.

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