HBR Agenda for 2011: My Contribution

I was asked to contribute to Harvard Business Review’s “Agenda for 2011” collection, a set of ruminations from all sorts of people about what they’ll be trying to, you know, do, in 2011. I’m fascinated by the current wave of transport electrification in general, and the webification of the grid in particular, — smarter, lighter-weight, edge-ish, etc. — so I mused about that.

In the spirit of the new year, we asked two dozen business and management leaders what projects they’ll take on in 2011. Here they share their answers—which range from shaking up the study of economics to lifting the quality of discussion on the internet. We expect these people to make significant headway during the year, and we hope their efforts will inspire HBR readers to pursue similarly lofty projects.

Read it all here.