QOTD: Lurches Forward, and What Were You Doing at Age 25

From Mick Jagger’s [ed., see update below] smart and interesting musing about talent, youth, and loss in response to Keith Richards’ new autobiography:

[Keith] wrote a dozen Top 10 hits in five years, and … he wrote most of Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed. Again: What were you doing at 25? It’s interesting to me how no previous song we’d recorded would have a respectable place on those albums; and any song on them would have seem out of place even on Aftermath or Between the Buttons. Keith’s lurch forward was amazing. [Emphasis mine]

More here.

Update: This is apparently a Slate hoax, which makes sense, in the well-written circumstance. I’ll leave it up, in part to shame me, but mostly because it’s just so damn well imagined.